Tom-Ferr PLC established mechanical laboratory , where we has the ability to test the mechanical, technological suitability of the installing pipes in the vehicle is given. The test have been made by ZD40 tensile measuring machine stipulations:

  • The tensile measuring test is performed according to standard (MSZ EN 10002-1:2001) MSZ EN ISO 6892-1 on pipe shape up to a diameter of 60 mm to be able to clarify that the various incoming materials are fit with the ordered delivery condition and the customer requirements.
  • Flattening test is according to EN ISO 8492:2004, expanding test performed according to EN ISO 8493:2004, to ensure the appropriateness of the purchased parts for the automotive industry regarding design requirements.
  • In some cases, these checks are performed as required by strict standards when the degree of deformation of pipes requires.