Bending of steel, aluminum and other stainless steel pipes and closed sections is performed on CNC pipe bending machines.  We have a fully electric 9-axis CNC bending machine fleet for the production of higher quality and more complex parts. 

CNC bending machines with rotating head type E-turn 32 and E-turn 52, which allow fast product change (the rotating head turns from position 2 according to the called program to the product we want to manufacture).

ELECT 52 and ELECT 63 CNC bending machines with normal heads, which are able to tighten more strongly due to the bridging shaft support, so machining robust parts is not a problem either. 

Our machine park is also capable of high-precision 3D bending operations, up to 63 mm in diameter and 3 mm in wall thickness. With these capabilities, the stricter customer needs / requirements are fully met.

VGP 3D software is available for bending machines, with which we can perform simulations in the neutral file extension (usually Step or Iges format) created in so-called mechanical 3D