Activity at location in Tata plant

The automotive plant from Tom-Ferr Plc is located at the industrial park of Tata, directly at the highway M1. With a production area of 4400 m2 and with an office place of 440 m2 we intend to provide service our existing and potential customers at highest level, according the quality requirements of Automotive industry. Our team existent from more than 50 persons in Tata supply highly skilled work to fulfill the customer expectations. Our automotive business unit have been improved our portfolio by the initial high precision tube cutting – by three CNC guided cutting machine -, cold forming, like pressing, punching, bending of tubes, further tube-end forming and welding. The further investments are based on the demand of our customers too. Such an acquisition in 2012 is the high performance machining center and the special laser cutting machine. In 2012 our company supplied ca. 5,5 million parts to customers, what counts 3400 tons raw materials. Our aim is, to more enforce our leading position at tube machining in our region and to maintain our well business ratio. In collaboration with our customers we inserted as first in our region the processing of high-tensile pipes with the material DP600 und DP800 for producing of seat frame and other welded frameworks. Our company is available with wide experience according this more and more utilized materials for the potential customers of ours. The majority of the Hungarian car industry suppliers are partners of MAGYAR SUZUKI Plc, a couple of they are suppliers of Automotive-factory in neighboring country too. We have taken an active part in this fast-growing market basically as supplier of tubes and section, with high precision cutting processed and machined according norm EN 10305-1, EN 10305-2, EN 10305-3 EN10305-5. Our company started in 2004 the collaboration with the members of car industry, also named as AUTOMOTIVE sector. Ever since we achieved the classification „A supplier” at many customer. In recent years we become acquainted with the special requirements of the sector stated to the suppliers, which relevent to the parts of steel pipes, respectively on level of processing of the components, on the function of the standardized processes and on the skills of employees.