One of the most advanced technological processes of our time is the machining of parts with laser technology, which, in addition to its unbroken development, has a constant market penetration. 

This branch of laser technology is suitable for solving tasks that could not be solved with traditional manufacturing methods – or only with great difficulty and cost. 

It can also machine soft, alloy and stainless steel. In addition to automatic feeding and cutting, it can handle pipe and closed section profiles from 12 mm to 152,4 mm diameter. 

By automatically adjusting the power, frequency and gas pressure parameters, the speed of the cutting process can be accelerated. It is also able to identify the weld seam of a pipe and / or closed section and orient it according to the part program. Holes, openings and shapes of different sizes can be cut to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, inscriptions can be created with different engraving methods. It is also suitable for machining elliptical sections.

In terms of cutting power, we can machine parts with a power of 2000-3000 W. In addition, our LT7 equipment is equipped with a 3D head, which is thus suitable for treating the complex surfaces of various pipe penetrations.
It is also suitable for cutting open geometries (profiles), such as C, U, L and other flat open profiles.

Thus, it is safe to say that this type of machining is fast and flexible, does not require a high level of tooling and can be used economically even with a smaller number of pieces.