The project involved the ESG development of the company by conducting an ESG due diligence of the operations, identifying the stakeholders of the company, identifying the relevant ESG issues, and preparing the first ESG strategy and ESG report of the company.



Using renewable energy sources and enhancing the power network required for infrastructure development is indispensable for meeting the ever-stricter emission and other environmental standards along with the high quality and financial requirements as well as the international standards applying to our products. In parallel with continuously increasing our manufacturing capacity we also need to reduce and optimise our operating costs in order to remain competitive, therefore we are planning to install a solar panel system on the roofs of the pipe factory and the automotive parts factory, together with a transformer facility for the solar panel system of the latter.

FIMI Drone Camera

FIMI Drone Camera

By the end of November, 2022 the Company will be heat and supply both its manufacturing halls and offices as well as its staff facilities at its central place of business in Csepel using heat pumps.

Sustainability is important in our company’s culture, so we have taken the first step in modernizing lighting in the field of green energy use.
Accordingly, the LED replacement of outdoor lighting took place at our sites in Tata and Csepel.

Automotive Division

Warehouse in Budapest


Joining the Tata City Municipality, TOM-FERR Zrt. became the titular sponsor of the Tata Fencing Sports Association from July 1, 2023. The town of Tata, in the heart of Hungary, has always been an important place for us. Not only for hosting our two production facilities, but the people and the community that it embraces as well. For this reason, we as Tom-Ferr, have decided to support for the upcoming 4 years the Tata Fencing Club (Tata VSE). We would hereby like to wish good luck for our rising star, Kun Anna, who will participate at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

As mentioned earlier, Tom-Ferr Zrt. had become the sponsor of the Tata VSE fencing team.

Therefore, we would like to congratulate our rising start, Anna Kun, for finishing at the 3rd place at the European Games 2023 in Krakow, which was followed by 6th place at the World Championship in Milano this week!