For the automotive industry, countless products need to be finished by cutting after molding. 

After all, it is almost impossible to influence the elongation of the material after molding, and therefore the length of the product so that it remains within the specified strict tolerances. Thanks to the technology, the product’s strict length tolerances can be easily maintained. 

Our semi-automatic PLC-controlled herd cutters are suitable for high-precision machining of these parts. 

The 425mm diameter discs of these machines ensure high-precision finished cuts. 

The following dimensions can be machined in cutting cross sections:

  • For circular cross-section not exceeding 145 mm in diameter, 
  • For square cross-section up to 130 x 130 mm2
  • For rectangular cross-section not more than 340 x 50 mm2 

The machine can be installed and otherwise easily converted, which allows the production / cutting of shaped parts up to 2100 mm in length, thus adapting to the needs / requirements of different customer needs.