The laser technology is one of today’s leading technologies in the world.

The laser cutting technology has made great progress in recent years, thanks to their great productivity and efficiency, they can be defeated by any other processing technologies in competition.

This division of the laser technology is capable of solving such tasks, which would be feasible with conventional production methods at all, or only with great effort and expense.

Our CNC laser cutting machine is suitable for machining of pipes made ​​of alloy and stainless steel, with a diameter from 12 to 120 mm.

On the pipes, both holes, openings are cut with great precision in any format and size, as well as various inscriptions can be engraved.

Automatic feeding of parts of the laser machine can manage a maximum blank length of 6500 mm, on the output side of the finished part, but there is a space of 4500 mm.

The maximum weight per meter is 13.8 kg / m (max. 90 kg / barrel).

During processing of the auto industry very beneficial assessed, high-strength steel tubes, this method can be used very convenient.

The handling of the instrument is very fast and flexible, needs no extra tools, it can be also used for smaller quantities economically.